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Fit, spontaneous, outgoing. . .married 28-years. . .and intending to stay that way! But, regrettably, my wife does not enjoy dancing, and it's killing me! So, I'm looking for a dance partner: old/young, tall/short, gorgeous/plain, it matters not! For me, the ideal partner will be energetic for her age, like me, and want to add to her repertoire and technique. . .maybe consider competition? Well, okay, I'm not too sure about competition myself. . .but I DO think about it from time-to-time. Whatever the activity, if it's fun, and challenging, I'm game!


Started with Tom & Debra about 10 or 12 years ago, then dropped out after my wife lost interest. After a six-year hiatus, wife cleared me to resume lessons solo. So, here I am, taking intermediate lessons with Dabe & Janelle. "And so it goes!", as Kilgore Trout famously remarked. Vonnegut/Slaughterhouse Five


Cats, antiquing, and new age spirituality! OM!

Dance Styles

Balboa Boogie Woogie Bop
Carolina Shag Charleston Collegate Shag
Dallas Push Hand Dancing Imperial
Jitterbug Lindy Hop Other
St. Louis Shag West Coast Swing


80s Rock Big Band Swing Boogie Woogie
Gypsy Jazz Jazz Motown
Neo-swing Other Rock & Roll
Rythm & Blues