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The more I get into Swing the more I realize I am here simply for the rebellious aspect of it. I really like the faster stuff. When I hear "Sing Sing Sing" I have a tendency to freak out. Watch out for that. I would definitely like to pair up with someone and perform. That will take some time and some inspiration. But the desire is there. And I am a fast learner. So I think....


I took a starter class at The Jam Cellar on Election Day in Nov of 2012. I was attending dances and class bi-weekly for a whole year after that. I want to learn Balboa, more Lindy Hop, and more Charleston. Visually, I love The Charleston. My Cell is (240)346-1234. That is a real number. I am always out of the service area at my work so it would be best to text or email me. My email is [email protected]


I would definitely be up for mixing Swing with Punk, Blue Grass, Rockabilly, and Psychobilly Music. I write some of these styles of Two-Step Music myself. I would like to incorporate some Swing Moves in music videos to go with my songs as I get them recorded.

Dance Styles

Balboa Boogie Woogie Bop
Carolina Shag Charleston Collegate Shag
Dallas Push Hand Dancing Imperial
Jitterbug Lindy Hop Other
St. Louis Shag West Coast Swing


80s Rock Big Band Swing Boogie Woogie
Gypsy Jazz Jazz Motown
Neo-swing Other Rock & Roll
Rythm & Blues