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I am single but am not particularly interested in dating right now. I just want to dance and am hoping to find someone to practice with. I love music and being able to be creative and spontaneous within set moves through styling. I am solid in Lindy, East coast swing, Charleston. I am taking classes in Balboa. I have dabbled in West coast swing, the Latin dances, and ballroom and am open to learning more but would really like to focus on swing for now. I generally don't have trouble keeping up on the dance floor, but I would like to learn new moves. I am told I have very nice styling, that I am a great follower, and that I have good recovery.... I just need more practice!


I have been dancing on and off for about 20 years, and over the last year I have been getting back into it more seriously after about 10 years off. I love love love dancing, so now I am making up for lost time!


Dance Styles

Balboa Boogie Woogie Bop
Carolina Shag Charleston Collegate Shag
Dallas Push Hand Dancing Imperial
Jitterbug Lindy Hop Other
St. Louis Shag West Coast Swing


80s Rock Big Band Swing Boogie Woogie
Gypsy Jazz Jazz Motown
Neo-swing Other Rock & Roll
Rythm & Blues