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I hate putting down the year I was born but let's just say I'm south of 60 but north of 50. I'm going to post a youtube clip below of one of my partners doing an aerial. We messed up 'cause we only practiced twice, but it came out okay in the end. It's a 15-minute clip but we're only in it from 1-2 minute mark.


Been doing East Coast style swing dancing on and off since 2000. I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie of the Dulles Hilton dance group. I also wouldn't mind expanding my repertoire to include West Coast style, Balboa, possibly even some Salsa, Bachatta, or Ballroom.


I like to stay active with racquetball, bicycling, hiking, and kayaking. Enjoy the Kennedy Center and Wolftrap on occasion but tend to occupy my time within the area of Herndon and to the west. Developing an interest in visiting the multitude of wineries in the area.

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Dance Styles

Balboa Boogie Woogie Bop
Carolina Shag Charleston Collegate Shag
Dallas Push Hand Dancing Imperial
Jitterbug Lindy Hop Other
St. Louis Shag West Coast Swing


80s Rock Big Band Swing Boogie Woogie
Gypsy Jazz Jazz Motown
Neo-swing Other Rock & Roll
Rythm & Blues