Does it cost anything?

What if someone is harassing me?
Notify us immediately and we will ban them. ZERO TOLERANCE.

Should I use my real name as my user name?
NO. User name helps keep your anonymity. The site is designed for you to respond only to those persons whom you are interested in discussing dance related topics. None of your personal information is revealed UNLESS YOU REVEAL IT YOURSELF.

How should I meet someone I’m interested in dancing with?
After you’ve made the initial internet contact via the Gottaswing Partner Pair Up mailbox system, we strongly suggest meeting at a PUBLIC VENUE, preferably a swing dance to see if you are compatible.

Will my email be sold or transferred to other websites?
NO. We value the privacy of our fellow dancers and we will not allow third parties access to emails entrusted to us.

What kind of photos/videos should I post?
Photos and videos showing you dancing are probably the best. ANY IMPROPER PHOTO OR VIDEO will lead to the banning of the posting party. If appropriate, we will not hesitate to contact law enforcement if the website is being used for illegal purposes. Essentially, if you wouldn’t show it to your mother, don’t bother to put it on the website!