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Welcome to the GOTTASWING PARTNER PAIR UP! As a long time swing dancers, teachers and event promoters, we've come to recognize that what we do is create a sense of community where folks of all ages, abilities and styles come together to share in the joy of dance. As a result of our many dancers asking us to find someone to dance with for our team classes, we came up with idea for this partnering site to help partner dancers of similar styles, ages, locations for social dancing, class partnering and competition.

PLEASE use this site with courtesy and respect for the other users. We have zero tolerance for bad behavior. Although it is nice to meet the partner of our dreams, the purpose of the site is simply to meet fellow dancers.

Bob,  Area: Silver Spring, MD
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catlady,  Area: ,
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D.G.,  Area: Washington, DC
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petern,  Area: ,
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TripleStepTripleStepRock,  Area: Alexandri, VA
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Heart4Movin,  Area: ,
Michael,  Area: Bethesda, MD
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Nan,  Area: Fairfax, VA

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